Webb Consulting’s Project Methodology

Webb Consulting recognizes that in order to produce the best results for a project, the right tools need to be in place. Webb Consulting fully utilizes and endorses tools such as Microsoft Office and Project. In addition, Webb Consulting has developed their own internal project tracking applications that are visible and can be updated over the web. This database is easily customized to meet each client needs.

Webb Consulting recognizes the need to meet both our internal and external quality requirements and we have the following view on quality control.

Quality is a responsibility shared by everyone involved in the project.

During the analysis and design process all shortcomings are highlighted and corrective action is taken. The process continues throughout the life of the project. In order to maintain the standard of quality defined by both our clients and Webb Consulting, documentation is an integral aspect of our development methodology.

At each phase outlined within our methodology various deliverables are defined that ensure the development team has information it needs to successfully meet milestones defined by the project plan. Included in the documentation deliverables promoting quality assurance are:

To ensure successful project completion and complete client satisfaction, Webb Consulting recognizes that quality assurance needs to be present and put in place as soon as the project is initiated. This is cornerstone to our Methodology.

Project Planning Methodology

Stage 1: Identify the work breakdown structure

Stage 2: Building Project Model

Stage 3: Develop Contingencies
Assess each task with respect to functionality, delivery date, effort, and quality and build in contingencies to the plan.

Stage 4: Assessing Project Scope

Stage 5: Project Development

Stage 6: Weekly Management

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