How We Work

We become an extension of our client’s work force.

Webb Consulting is committed to becoming an extension of our client’s work force and we pride ourselves on being part of our client’s team.

Webb Consulting has a strong foundation in providing best in class web applications, online marketing solutions, channel professional services, managing projects, and interacting with clients. Therefore, when you work with Webb Consulting, you can expect that we will provide complete guidance with respect to project values, insight, direction, and expectations.

We will work with you to develop project goals and to ensure that all subsequent actions are working toward achieving those goals. We will define the agreement objectives, review analytical results, and finalize recommendations and next steps.

As we work together to build your business solution, your project will move through the following stages:

  1. Identify work breakdown structure
  2. Build project model
  3. Develop contingencies
  4. Assess project scope
  5. Develop solution
  6. Ongoing management
  7. Measure results and ROI